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Interesting Facts

 One in four Americans will get a speeding ticket this year.

For one in six it will be their second ticket in a three year period.

For one in eleven it will be their third ticket in a three year period.

One in six Americans will get approximately a 75% rate hike because of two tickets

One in eleven will get a 200% to 300% increase because of three tickets

For the last six years the amount of speeding tickets has been going up at a rate of 3% per year and there is no sign of the rate of increase slowing down.

For the last six years the amount of speeding tickets has been going up at a rate of 3% per year and there is no sign of the rate of increase slowing down.

For every one percent in the number of tickets issued the Insurance companies make an extra 24 billion dollars in increased premiums due to tickets.
































































































































































































































A Proven Citation Dismissal System Backed By An Ex-Solicitor General of the Biggest Traffic Court in the U.S.

Fight Your Moving or Non-Moving Traffic Violation and Win!

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A Traffic Defense Formula That Can Be Applied In Every Court Case Across The United States

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The Only TESTED Traffic Ticket Dismissal System Online That Reveals The Proven Methods Used By Traffic Court Lawyers & Solicitors To Exonerate Citations 80% Of The Time!

A Little Bit About Our Site was founded in 1995 by an ex-solicitor general of 42 years at one of the largest traffic courts in the U.S..

What is a solicitor general of the courts? 1.) The chief law officer of a city, town, or government department. 2.) One that solicits, especially one that seeks trade or contributions.

This site is dedicated to revealing backroom secrets & tricks to getting virtually any traffic citation exonerated whether it's a speeding ticket or any other moving violation.   Regardless of city or state that fine was issued, or whether it was a sheriff or local police offer, by presenting a simple, yet powerful defense strategy, you will have the upper hand in the courts.





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Whether you have been stopped for running a red light, speeding, or under the influence of alcohol, NEVER COOPERATE WITH THE POLICE.  Police are trained at the very beginning of police academy to psychologically manipulate & intimidate you so that you inevitably put your trust and well-being in them while stopped.  It's one of the first lessons they teach young officers.

A POLICE OFFICER'S MISSION DURING A TRAFFIC STOP IS: To generate revenue for the agency or department in the city for which they work. They absolutely, do not have your best interests at heart.  When they stop you, you will obviously feel vulnerable, scared and many times, speechless, not knowing what to say or how to respond. They will try and comfort you, by cracking a couple of jokes and will seem very friendly, and then BAM: will suggest the best option for you.  That option is MOST OFTEN THE WRONG ONE.  Over 98% of motorists trust the officer at the scene and MAKE THIS MISTAKE, and ultimately end up paying EXORBITANT FINES in the end at court.   Police officer's are trained to exploit "driver shock" (as described in their training manuals) and convert the situation into revenue for the city..   Don't let this happen to you...  It's all about deception, mistrust, and greed.

Our featured guide offers the educational material needed to deal with police officer's in the street & in court.



Peter I. Dilesend Defending Client In Court

Peter I. Delisend, one of the most well-respected solicitors in the U.S., has reviewed & processed thousands of traffic violations over the years.  And one thing that he finds to this day the most astonishing of all, is the fact that over 98% of people who receive a traffic citation simply give in and pay the fine, convinced that there is no way that they can offer a viable defense against a reputable police officer in the JUDGES or JURY'S eyes.  After all, who's the government more likely to side with.  YOU, or a seasoned police officer...

We operate a nationally recognized traffic law firm that assist clients in getting their citation's dismissed by engaging in trivial psychological warfare.

Our patented in-court traffic citation defense strategy works over 80% of the time, and has been used in court in tens of thousands of cases, from speeding tickets, to reckless driving, to general moving and non-moving violations. 

Over recent weeks, to our dismay, we have found an increasing amount of sites popping up on the Internet selling knock-off versions of original, proven traffic law defense formula's, that we have offered since 1995.

The question you have to ask yourself is, who are you going to put your trust to exonerate your ticket, an unknown knock-off publisher of an eBook with no legal experience, or an ex-solicitor of one of the biggest traffic courts in the United States.

We truly want to help people beat the traffic violations, and are dedicated to this industry and offer FREE follow-up support & advice for all of our customers, unlike our competitors.

Traffic Court System: 

The disturbing truth


Using Law Enforcement As A Means To Boost Revenues

The traffic court system is like a well-oiled machine, where the government & big insurance companies are the only ones that benefit.  They must keep the machine oiled & RUNNING, otherwise their cashflow will stop.  It's how cities & states generate revenue for funding extravagant business trips for government officials, and paying police officers, firefighters & government officials their inflated salaries.  A national average of only 8% is invested in maintaining roads & basic services in the cities.

Police Officers are required, BY LAW, to issue tickets, whether the motorist deserves one or not, to meet their weekly quota.  They park behind buildings at night, and hide behind bushes in the day time, pointing their high-tech laser guns at you, and who's supporting them: YOU GUESSED IT!!!  THE BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES.

Don't be a victim. You're the only one who risks taking it in the teeth. Just imagine the big wigs in the insurance offices wringing their greedy hands, and holding closed-door meetings...

"Wow! One new laser gun is worth a fortune in potential income! Get them on the conveyor belt, into a cop's hands, and bust those citizens!

"There's a lot of tickets and money to be made here, let's get moving people... let's donate more laser guns, write them off of our taxes (aren't we generous?)... and make a fortune!"

Insurance Companies & policemen work hand-in-hand, and both are government trained legal manipulators, and are masters of intimidation. You pay the fine, leave court, and they stop you the next week to give you another.  The cycle will never stop, as long people have money in their pockets.

They are counting on you being ignorant & submissive to the law!

AS AN EX-SOLICITOR, I AM AFRAID TO ADMIT THAT IT'S ALL JUST ONE BIG SCAM!!!  If you visit any other country outside of the U.S., you'll notice that you hardly ever see camouflaged police cruisers hidden behind hills, trees & buildings, pointing radar guns at passing motorists; sitting on the edge of their seats to hand out that next big moving violation.  They're proud of what they do, and are rewarded in the form of LUMP SUM BONUSES, upwards to $15,000 a year, for breaking new records at Police Departments for fines issued.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen & heard officer's making non-monetary "gentleman's" bets behind closed doors to see who can issue the most tickets in the shortest amount of time, laughing hilariously.

The traffic court system functions in the same manner as a CASINO.  The only real winners at the end of the day are the owners & the people behind it.

The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between The Insurance Companies & Traffic Courts


Insurance companies spend 26 million dollars a year checking driving records? You know by now that they're not checking it to give you a good driver's discount. They want to INCREASE your rates...
Last year Geico Insurance Co. gave $20,000,000 ( twenty million dollars ) to police departments for the purpose of buying new laser and radar guns... And they're not the ONLY ones...   Click Here To Find Out more!
Over 115,000 tickets are written in the United States every day, generating over 6 Billion dollars in revenue nationwide.
Over 100,000 people blindly pay their speeding tickets every day... like "good sheep". That's about 4 tickets paid every seconds (8 hours a day)...
When you plead guilty to a ticket and pay the fine, the Clerk discreetly enters your name & Driver's License number into a National Court Database which EVERY INSURANCE COMPANY HAS ACCESS TO FOR FREE.  The system is essentially a BACKROOM REVENUE SHARING program designed to maximize revenue for the county. The court keeps a log of all insurance companies who have unrestricted access to the system 24/7, and shockingly, if your particular insurance company does not learn of your citation independently within 3 months of your guilty plea, the clerk goes out of their way to mail out a notification letter alerting them that you were slapped with a fine and points were assessed against your driving record.  Your insurance company then checks your driving record to confirm the alert and you receive a letter in the mail stating your insurance premium has increased.  This database is set up to allow the traffic court & YOUR insurance company to split the profits made from your insurance premium rate increase as a result of your citation.


Did you know... 

More than 100,000 people a day receive a speeding ticket in this country!

One in 4 drivers will get a speeding ticket this year in America!

One in 6 will get approximately a 75% rate hike because of two tickets...

One in 11 will get a 200% to 300% increase because of three tickets...

The average speeding ticket costs $150.00! (The fine on a speeding ticket is small when compared to what the insurance rates...).

The average raise in insurance cost for one speeding ticket over the course of 3 years is $947.00! NINE HUNDRED & FORTY-SEVEN BUCKS!

And it all starts with the first ticket you pay...

They fine you the speeding ticket... they then mail you a nice friendly letter stating how your insurance is going up... adding a 'surcharge' as high as 26% EVERY YEAR... for the next 3 years...

In Fact... If you receive three tickets within 3 years- you're rates will more than likely Double.


Want proof?

Did you know...

Simply paying the fine, an admission of guilt, could cost you dearly in insurance rates. Doubt it?

Let's say you're an experienced driver in California with a single-car policy and a good driving record, who is paying the average rates statewide for liability, collision and comprehensive coverage, $765 annually.

If you were a Prudential Financial customer you'd get a 25% good-driver discount and pay only $574. One speeding ticket would mean a roughly 27% increase from the base premium, says Prudential's Laurita Warner -- a $207 annual increase, or $621 more over three years. (Surcharges usually last for three years.)

Get a second minor conviction and your premium would rise an additional 40%, and you'd also lose your good-driver discount, says Warner.

Suddenly, a premium that was $574 has ballooned to $1,071. After the third conviction, expect to pay roughly 63% more than you originally did, or $1,247. Over three years you would end up paying $2,020 more than if you'd kept your nose clean, or much more than the fines themselves.

-Chris Solomon, MSN MoneyCentral

Why It Pays To Fight Your Ticket

Nearly 98% of people admit to wrongdoing, pay the ticket and walk away.  Prosecutors & Cops EXPECT YOU to follow the herd mentality, and Are Counting On You Being Ignorant, And Blindly Paying, Or Their Money-Machine Slows To A Profitless Crawl!  

You see, as an ex-solicitor general with over 40 years of experience, I can tell you that everything works like a clock in the traffic court system.  Prosecutors don't have the time to prepare cases against every one who disputes their ticket... They just don't have the resources, and it's not on the court "TO-DO" list.


Below, you will find a list of the most important reasons why you must fight your ticket in court:

Reason #1


Just one ticket will most likely cause your insurance rates to increase until it eventually reaches 30% above your current rate.  This new insurance rate will be ENTERED into a national database that can be accessed by every insurance company throughout the United States so that if you try to switch to a "cheaper" insurance company, you'll end up paying the same rate or more.  This is setup intentionally to discourage the policy holder. 

You'll get offers in the mail promising you a low rate, then once they lock you in, you'll receive a kind letter from UNDERWRITING stating that there has been adjustment to your annual premium, as a direct result of the insurance agent referring to the national insurance database "REFER ABOVE" and increase your rate until it reaches the same levels as your previous insurance company.  This is a tight-lipped, secret, backroom system developed by top programmers at the insurance companies, small & large, so they would all be able to profit in sync.

Just ask yourself this question:  Do you know of an insurance company that has filed for bankruptcy or have appealed to the U.S. government for assistance?  It will never happen...

Insurance companies ENJOY PURE PROFITS of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, because they incur minimal administrative costs, have little overhead, and if you have ever filed a claim with an insurance company, they often delay or fight you in court so they do not have to pay or pay very little to boost their bottom line for shareholders even more.  It's about greed...  Just look at the Hurricane victims in New Orleans.

Insurance companies receive hundreds of dollars a month from tens of thousands of customers and are simply banking the money.  Then, when it comes time for a claim, they fight to pay the minimum.

Also, as an ex-solicitor general, I want to reveal an interesting fact.


Again, it's all about money.  Sure, they claim it's about driver responsibility which does make sense & sounds fair.  Unfortunately, it runs much deeper than that.  Our staff has a total of over 100 years COMBINED experience in the traffic court system, and all had the privilege to find out why some states require people to drive with insurance, and other's do not.  The truth is, INSURANCE COMPANY LEGAL GROUPS have set up agreements with state officials mandating driver's to have insurance.  The insurance payments you make every month are shared "divided" between the City, State & the big Insurance Companies.  It's just how they maintain their record breaking city revenues & corporate profits.  The small handful of other states, that do not accept back pocket cash gifts allow the resident to choose whether they want to drive with insurance or not.  Within our eBook, we offer a breakdown of the States that require insurance, and the ones that do not.


They want your money...

Radar and laser guns generate MEGA BUCKS for the insurance companies. Bucks that are about to come out of your pocket if you don't do something about it.

Have you figured out what that speeding ticket and the insurance surcharges are going to cost you yet? You better take a look...

Here's more stats to give you an idea (these are scary):

The average cost for auto insurance for a year is estimated to be $898 (2004 - it's even more now). Now, listen to this...

  26% increase on $900 bucks - for 3 years??? Ouch!!! (Are you starting to get pissed off yet?)

    If I pull out my handy calculator again, and punch in the numbers, then a very possible insurance rate increase you might expect to pay during the next 3 years for your speeding ticket, is about $701 ($233 more each year).

Look At How Much Money These
Turkeys Make... By Doing Nothing!

    Now if we look at how much the insurance agencies make for speeding tickets, we already have $701 as an average per ticket. When we multiply this by the number of tickets issued each year, we get (are you ready?)... a whopping $29,460,480,000 (29.4 billion dollars!!!)

    Forget America's Fortune 500 - this now puts speeding tickets as a global industry ranked 135, ahead of Sony, McDonald's, BMW, Ford, and General Motors!

It's a no-win situation that's designed to boost revenues for the big insurance companies, so they never see a decline in revenue.  They march hand-in-hand "in-step" to ensure ENORMOUS PROFIT MARGINS.  If you're insurance is $600 a year, you'll now end up paying.


The insurance industry is very quietly passing new harsher rules so they can raise your insurance rates or cancel drivers with three points in a three year period.

Before it was three points in a one-year period and you could start fresh every year.

The result of this will be that a lot of people will be subject to unreasonable rate increases which in turn can lead to an increase in uninsured drivers on our streets and highways. The insurance companies will make untold millions in increased premiums...

Reason #2


From the first day you received your license, you learned that points assessed against your driving record can, in time, result in the suspension of your license & increase your insurance rates.

From my 42 years of experience in traffic court, I can tell you that when a citation is issued, most of the time it's not about what fraction you have committed, as every driver breaks the law at one time or another, whether it be speeding, not stopping at a stop sign, or not using a turn signal. 

You always see police officers speeding past you WITHOUT their lights flashing on the highway for no apparent reason, and no regard for the limit because, they know that it's virtually impossible that every civilian will abide by the law, so they won't either.  Except, they're not as risk for a ticket, YOU, a TAX-PAYER are!  The one who funds their speed traps & daily stings.

While I must admit that there are always a few bad apples in the bunch, most driver's are respectful & courteous of others.

In an anonymous survey conducted by our law offices, we asked why there are so many cops hidden, out of sight, shooting laser/radar against at law abiding citizens.  They respond nicely saying that bad driver's are a problem for the city and specifically target them.  Well, why is that you, me, and almost every one you know has been giving a ticket.  We can't all be bad driver's.  They officially state they're targeting the 5% of motorists who endanger others on the highway, yet, why is it that they issue most of their tickets to people with clean records with no previous offenses.

Law Enforcement Officials use their insurance-industry donated LASER/RADAR GUNS to catch speeder's for city, state & federal income.  How do you feel about that? It's a fact....

I may eventually get in trouble for this, but I want to let the public know.   From the hundreds of closed-door meetings & court appearances I've shown up for, I know, along with the Judge, Law Enforcement Officials and the lawyers that it's all about the money.  Nothing else...

They don't care about the fact that you could LOSE YOUR LICENSE, which will prohibit you from driving, and effect every aspect of your daily life.  Just imagine not being able to drop off, or pick your children, go to that big game, and having to carpool to work "if possible".  LOSING YOUR JOB!!!  I asked dozens of police officers & prosecutors if they care, and they said nothing and smirked.   The people who we put in office are never at risk of losing their licenses or prone to insurance hikes, so they do what they please.

They're only interested in making sure they maintain they're 98% citation-closure rate. You might also want to know, that the government rewards cities who issue the most tickets through salary increases & LUMP SUM CASH BONUSES in the thousands.  Isn't that a nice little fact!

Also an increasing amount of states across the U.S. are reducing the amount of points required for the state to suspend your license.

Yes, that's true!  It use to be that you could accrue more than 14 points in 3 years.  Now you can only accumulate 7 points in 5 YEARS thanks to insurance companies working with state officials behind closed doors.  If you figure that each ticket citation will cost 1-5 points against your driving record, you're left with no room for another ticket.  YOU LOSE YOUR LICENSE FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS THE NEXT CITATION YOU GET.

Reason #3



If there's one point I'd like to make, it is that paying your fine simply encourages them to issue more to INNOCENT drivers.

Even if you lose you traffic ticket case in court using our "Citations Dismissed In 24 Hours" defense strategy, you will most likely not have to pay your fine if you convince the judge that you have no means of paying.

If the Judge asks you to make time payments, you SAY NO.  Then, if the judge asks you for your bank statements to prove you have the ability, you say NO, because it's unconstitutional.  It's a ploy and is designed to intimidate the defendant and eventually forcing him/her to cough up the money.  A scam....  Every state in the Union has a law in place where if a resident of the United States, LEGAL OR ILLEGAL is found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony crime, he/she is not obligated to pay it.

Within our featured ebook, we offer hundreds of defense strategies and quirky psychological manipulation tactics that will confuse the lawyers, the judge & the prosecutors which will result in the dismissal of your case.  WHY? Because they don't want to waste any more of their precious time than they have to for a traffic citation or preparing a case against you, because to them you're just another number.  They just want to proceed onward to the next victim.

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